Meet the Partners

Patrick Hawthorne

Patrick Hawthorne started his career in 1996 with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Patrick later made the decision to make Ventura County his home and began working for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.   As a Deputy Sheriff Patrick worked a variety of assignments including patrol, custody, and traffic investigations. During his time in traffic he investigated hit and run collisions and conducted DUI enforcement. Patrick is highly skilled in drug and alcohol detection and has extensive courtroom experience in both criminal and civil traffic matters.

Patrick was promoted to Senior Deputy Sheriff in 2008 and worked a variety of assignments including administration, custody, and patrol.  Patrick was assigned as the Facility Supervisor for the East Valley Jail and managed the administrative aspects for the employees assigned there. Patrick was later promoted to detective where he gained experience in a myriad of different fields. He became interested specifically in forgery / fraud after working numerous identity theft, forgery, and general fraud cases. Patrick has authored numerous search and arrest warrants. He has been the affiant on many affidavits and has extensive courtroom experience. He prepared comprehensive reports and has assisted as the case agent at trial.

Patrick has excellent interpersonal skills and has conducted thousands of interviews throughout his career. 

Patrick has conducted numerous background investigations and is a California POST Certified Background Investigator.   Patrick is a member of CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators) and has access to a vast network of private investigators all across the State of California.

Maura Kelley

Maura started her early career in 1982 as a stock/commodity broker in Ventura, County and learned a lot about the financial markets. During that time she became suspicious of possible fraud in connection with trade executions on the exchanges. Later in 1984 she joined the FBI as a special agent and years into her career, serendipitously ended up in the Chicago Division working one of the largest sting operations in the history of the FBI. The case resulted in 46 indictments for widespread corruption in the commodities markets and ultimately resulted in RICO convictions for 16 pit traders.

Maura offers 30 years of FBI Special Agent experience. She has varied specialties but her strengths rest in the realm of finances. She has worked both domestic and international cases which have resulted in significant forfeitures. In 2019 alone, approximately $20,000,000 was returned to victims in a case that finalized just prior to her retirement. She has worked securities fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud and money laundering investigations. She was one of the first FBI Special Agents to successfully retrieve financial records from Swiss bank accounts. “Follow the money” has been her motto and she has had much success in that endeavor.

Maura has much trial experience and has had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best and brightest attorneys in the nation.

Maura also has vast experience in background investigations during her tenure as a Special Agent. These investigations have included all types of sensitive positions including Federal Judiciary, White House appointees, FBI Agent applicants, and FBI Agent five-year reinvestigations.

Maura’s greatest skill set is her ability to read people. Her affable character allows her to conduct effective interviews and her tenacity insures comprehensive results.